Versatility, Efficiency,and Enduring Value
Goes Just About Anywhere

Efficient component integration yields a compact, low-profile unit with a space-saving 30” x 30” footprint. Casters and standard wall socket plug-in operation mean that the SRT-100™ can move closer to the patient.*

Simple, Safe, Efficient Operation

The specially designed SRT-100™ control console simplifies entry of system set-up and calibration parameters by service personnel and medical physicists. Automated and RAD check features enhance safety, reduce procedural costs, and increase patient throughput.

Engineered for Maximum Uptime

The SRT-100™ X-ray tube is metal-ceramic for prolonged endurance, and advanced system architecture optimizes system uptime.

Engineered for Maximum Uptime

Developed solely for the treatment of non-melanoma skin cancer and priced accordingly, the SRT-100™ can increase patient throughput, retention, and referrals by providing a complementary and ancillary treatment modality to specialized surgery and linear accelerators. The SRT-100™ provides the means for optimizing the utilization of your OR and Vault rooms, and a broader repertoire of treatment options for your patients and referring physicians.

A shielded enclosure is needed, which is available from Sensus Healthcare (Sensus Shield™), and the supervision of a physician during equipment operation according to state regulations and laws

  1. 1RAD Check – Pre-Treatment Energy Verification
  2. 2High Frequency Inverter Technology
  3. 3Radiation Fields Precisely Defined
  4. 4Physicist Calibrations are Stored in the System
  5. 5Al Filters Automatically Placed at X-Ray Tube Port

SRT-100™ Specifications

  • Generator

    Type: Constant potential HV
    Input Line: 120/230 VAC


    Standard size treatment applicators
    - 1.5 cm, 3 cm and 5 cm diameter at 15 cm SSD
    Optional size treatment applicators
    - 1.0 cm, 2 cm, 2.5 cm, 4.0 cm, 7.3 cm diameter at 15 cm SSD
    - 10 cm, 12.7 cm diameter at 25 cm SSD
    Replaceable safety contact shields
    - Applicator size specific
    - Visibility of treated area

  • X-ray Tube

    Tungsten target
    End grounded
    Rating · 100 kV/10 mA
    Rating · 100 kV/10 mA
    - 40 kV/30 mA
    - 1000 W continuous dissipation
    Focal spot size: 5 mm x 5mm

  • Base Unit Assembly

    Base space requirements: 30” x 30”
    Vertical arm travel: 57”
    Horizontal arm travel: 49”
    X-ray tube movement: V&H 180 degrees
    Integrated modular components: Input power,
    HV generator, heat exchanger

  • Operator Control Console

    Can be located up to 100’ (30 meters) from base unit
    Service mode for system set-up and calibration (key entry)

  • RAD Check

    Direct radiation measurement of output
    Pre-treatment verification

  • Three Treatment Techniques

    100 kV at 8 mA, 2.0 mm Al. HVL
    70 kV at 10 mA, 1.0 mm Al. HVL
    50 kV at 10 mA, 0.45 mm, Al. HVL
    X-ray output is 600 cGy at 15 cm SSD/100kV

  • System Weight

    350 lbs. (160 kg)

  • Automatic Filter Change

    350 lbs. (160 kg)
    Based on KVMA Selection, the system will automatically
    select the proper filter – no human error, no braking,
    no bending, or incorrect size.

  • Automatic Warm Up Procedures

    Automatically activated from time of last exposure

  • Control Panel

    The control console provides the controls and indicators
    to set up SRT exposures and to initiate, monitor,
    and terminate them. It also permits entry of system
    calibration values by a radiation physicist. The control
    console is located remotely from the x-ray base unit.

  • 1. Applicator Sizes Displayed
    2. Power Lamp
    3. Key Switch
    4. X-Ray Indicator
    5. Control Panel Warning Label
    6. Start Switch
    7. Stop Switch
    8. Emergency Off Switch
    9. Timer Displays
    10. Timer Reset Switch
    11. Exposure Time Control
    12. kV mA Selection
    14. 13.LCD Display
    15. Physicist Energy Measurement Procedures
    16. Auto Al Filter Change Indicator
    17. Automatic Warm-up Status
    18. Pre-treatment Status
    19. Applicator ID
    20. Accumulated Dose

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